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With records dating as far back as 3,000 years ago, massages are one of the oldest methods of healing physical ailments. Widely known as the ‘Father of Medicine’, the Greek physician Hippocrates also wrote documents detailing the efficacy of friction and massaging when trying to resolve circulatory issues and joint pain. In the 21st Century, massages have become more than a medical tool.

Spa Rockaway delights in serving Manhattan, New York clients year around. 

Spa Rockaway delights in serving Manhattan, New York clients year around. 

Today, massage therapy in Manhattan has become an accepted part of physical rehabilitation programs and has helped millions of people with chronic conditions such as lower back pain and arthritis. In a world where everything was due yesterday on a to-do list that feels endless, stress and tension have become a part of our lives. A relaxing and rejuvenating method to relieve pain and ease stress, massages help prevent a number of diseases and illnesses that chronic fatigue and stress would otherwise invite.

Massage therapy involves manipulation of the soft body tissues with the use of expert techniques that are designed to improve a person’s sense of wellbeing and boost health. This healing art transcends man-made boundaries. With origins in ancient China, Egypt, Japan, and India, massages help restore harmony to your body so you are ready to put your best foot forward every day.

Our massage spa in Rockaway, Park serves Manhattan and surrounding areas. We are just a short ferry ride from Manhattan. With the convenience of NYC ferries leaving for Rockaway every 30 minutes, treating your body and healing your skin at Spa Rockaway has never been more convenient. Bid farewell to the myriad stresses of life and welcome wellness that promotes relaxed muscles, whole body rejuvenation, glowing skin and more under the expert healing hands of experienced esthetician Pat Rorke and her team of professional massage therapists.

Here’s is a list of our most popular massage spa treatments indulged in by Manhattan clients.

Spa Treatments

Massages remain the most popular spa treatment in the United States. But a quality spa has a lot more to offer on their menu. From full body treatments to facials and body contouring, some spas have signature services that pack a powerful wellness punch.

Deep Tissue Massages

As the name suggests, this massage includes techniques that help reduce tension from the deepest layers of your body’s soft tissues. As compared to regular massages, a deep tissue massage involves slower and more deliberate movements with pressure applied on tense regions of your body.

The goal of a deep tissue treatment is to realign the soft muscles and tissues that lie deep under your skin. Such a massage helps alleviate chronic pain and rehabilitate hurt muscles, improve blood pressure, break up old scar tissue, and provides holistic stress relief. Combining a deep tissue massage with other massaging techniques like applying natural jade stones and infrared heat makes it even more effective by allowing the healing benefits to penetrate as deep as 2-3 inches below the skin.

Hot Stone Therapy

Historical records show that the Chinese used heated stones in massages to help improve the functioning of internal organs as far back as 2,000 years ago. Hot stones have also been a part of curative cultures across the globe and through the annals of time in North and South America, Europe, India, Egypt, and Africa.

This massages involves the application of heated basalt stones to vital points in the body. Not only does a good hot stone massage boost your circulation and energy levels, it also helps to relieve insomnia, depression, back pain, fibromyalgia, arthritic and rheumatic issues, and opens up your lymph flow to flush out the waste. As compared to conventional massages, a hot stone massage is more intensive and designed for deeper muscle relaxation.

Reiki Massage Therapy

The credit for inventing the healing art of Reiki is generally given to Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist. However, historical records show that while Dr. Usui developed his trademark style of Reiki in 1922, there were other styles that were already in use for hundreds of years before then.

Deep tissue massages by Spa Rockaway rejuvenate and relax sore muscles. 

Deep tissue massages by Spa Rockaway rejuvenate and relax sore muscles. 

Today, the healing power of Reiki energy can be channelized into massage therapy to offer a holistic massage that restores the balance of the vital energy in your body. Not only does a proficient Reiki massage balance your energy but it also helps to reduce stress and promote the process of healing in your body.


Depicted in ancient Egyptian tombs, and practiced by the Chinese as far back as 2000 BCE, reflexology is a powerful therapy that involves massaging certain pressure points in your hands and feet that correspond to vital organs in your body. By stimulating nerve function and targeting major organs in your body, reflexology helps improve circulation, restore the innate balance in your body, and alleviate stress one micro-movement at a time.

Prenatal Massages

Pregnancy is a wonderful time, but it is also a period of change – the body is adapting and growing to meet the needs of an unborn child. It is also a time of aches and pains when every expectant mother needs to feel pampered and loved. A prenatal massage by a trained massage therapist in Rockaway Park can be the perfect solution to pregnancy woes. Designed for expectant mothers, a prenatal massage has a number of benefits to offer.

These include increase in flexibility, relief from heartburn and constipation, prevention of excessive fluid retention, and relief from other common discomforts that go hand-in-hand with pregnancies. A good massage is a great way to relax your body, calm your mind, and boost your energy levels. If you are at least three months into the pregnancy, and get the green light from your obstetrician, a prenatal massage by a trained therapist in Rockaway Park can help make your pregnancy easier on your body.

Additional Massage Services Near Manhattan

A holistic massage spa is designed to meet all your rest and relaxation needs. Other than massage therapies, most quality spas also offer additional services such as facial massages that address common issues like premature aging, dry skin, blemishes, sensitive skin, microdermabrasion and microcurrent treatments, LED phototherapy, and more. Some spas offer wholesome body treatments such as exfoliating body scrubs, full body reflexology, and nourishing wraps.

Experienced estheticians also conduct body contouring and cellulite reduction treatments designed to work on smaller target areas such as the jawline and arms, as well as larger problem areas such as the thighs and abdomen. Other spa options include laser hair removal treatments and tanning.

Delight in Spa Rockaway

Whether your goal is to get healthy, lose weight, detoxify your body, or just give yourself a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a spa massage at Spa Rockaway awaits.   

Popular for being one of New York’s best summertime destinations, the quaint coastal city of Rockaway Park also holds a holistic marvel for your rest and relaxation needs. Located on the Rockaway Peninsula between Jamaica Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, this precious city is home to Spa Rockaway, a full-service spa that specializes in a wide variety of holistic spa treatments including facial services, body treatments, massages, contouring, and much more.

We’re owned and operated by professional esthetician and developer of the Skin Fitness Program, Pat Rorke, our heart-centered spa features the latest technological advances coupled with the wisdom of age-old healing arts.