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The most effective way to be healthy is to find and keep a balance between a fit body and mind. At the forefront of holistic health and wellness, massage spas in Queens are the home of avant-garde treatments which can help you maintain a lifestyle that is balanced and fulfilling. Though spas are thought of as a luxury retreat, the spa tradition is deep-rooted in history.

The beginnings of the spa tradition predate the Roman baths and Greek hydro-healing therapies. It is believed that the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, wrote about the use of mineral-infused baths and massages for hygienic and curative purposes, as early as 460 BCE. Once, spas and curative baths were only used to treat the injuries of Roman soldiers working under Caesar Augustus. As hundreds of spas cropped up all over the city, these wellness retreat centers were recognized as a medium for rest and relaxation for every Roman. The Japanese had Ryoken, Finland boasted saunas, the Turkish reveled in their Hammams, and suddenly spas had taken over the world.

The Contemporary Spa

Massage therapy in Queens has become a medical tool that has helped millions of people in their process of physical rehabilitation. By using friction and massaging techniques, this form of therapy works to reduce stress, alleviate chronic illnesses such as arthritis and back pain, and combat chronic fatigue.

Today, the word ‘spa’ is connected to intrinsic health and wellness. By using a number of tools such as massages, steam rooms, body therapies, and facial procedures, the contemporary spa is an oasis that promotes stress-reduction and holistic health.

Our massage spa in Rockville Park serves Queens and surrounding areas. Nestled in the Rockaway Peninsula, the coastal city of Rockaway Park is well-known for its sandy shores, welcoming atmosphere, and Spa Rockaway, a full-service spa that offers a robust menu of treatments and services. Connecting the Broad Channel to the Rockaway Peninsula, the Cross Bay Bridge is located in Queens and connects you straight to Rockaway Park.

Designed and executed to perfection for our Queens clients, here are a few of the most important spa and massage therapy treatments offered at Spa Rockaway.

Queens Spa Treatments

In the United States, massages have long been the most popular treatment sought at spas. However, there is much more in the realm of rest and relaxation therapies to be had at quality spas, including full body treatments, specialized massages, body contouring, and facials. At Spa Rockaway, owner and experienced esthetician Pat Rorke believes in signature treatments that offer more than just run-of-the-mill spa procedures.

Signature Massage Therapies


Deep tissues massages are one of the most popular therapy options in the world because they target the deepest layers of the soft tissues in the body to give you effective and lasting results. Combined with the efficacy of natural jade stones, and infrared massage beds that are included with every massage at our spa, the Deep Muscle Meltdown therapy uses a specialized blend of essential oils to target chronic muscular tension in the body.

Designed with Rockaway’s athletes and chronic pain patients in mind, the CBD massage treatment uses a professional non-psychoactive, hemp-derived massage cream to alleviate pain for individuals suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis, neuropathy, and other chronic pain syndromes.

The Spa Rockaway Signature Massage is the ultimate in personalized therapies. Trained in a number of modalities, our massage therapists near Queens create a session plan that is specific to your needs and goals, after a brief consultation.

Prenatal Massages

Pregnancy brings with it a lot of changes – most are positive, but a few of them are inconvenient and stressful. A prenatal massage is recommended for expectant mothers who want a solution to the vagaries of pregnancy, including problems like fluid retention, constipation and heartburn, and reduced flexibility. Feel pampered and loved as your stress simply melts away under the expert hands of Spa Rockaway’s massage therapists. Designed for expectant mothers, this massage is the perfect way to ease pregnancy blues, relax your mind and body, and improve your energy levels.

Specialized Techniques: Reiki Healing and Reflexology

There are a number of different styles of Reiki healing. The most popular one across the globe is the one created by Japanese Buddhist practitioner Dr. Mikao Usui in 1922. The traditional healing techniques of Reiki can now be combined with massage therapy to create a holistic procedure that serves to balance your body’s vitality and balance. Another ancient wellness technique, reflexology therapy manipulates pressure points in the hand and feet that correspond with specific organs in the body. This technique boosts circulation and helps ease stress and restore balance in your body.

Along with being an NY state licensed esthetician, Pat Rorke is also certified in Reiki and Facial Reflexology. Our Queens massage spa’s Reiki and reflexology practitioners are experts at massage therapies designed to marry these ancient techniques with advanced Western treatments.

Full Body Treatments

Certain scrubs and essential oils help soften, exfoliate, and moisturize the skin all over your body. Seaweed wraps are particularly popular options as seaweed contains minerals and bio-trace elements that serve to tone and detoxify the body. Some full body treatments include scrubs and reflexology or other massage techniques that pack a powerful punch.

Body Contouring

Non-surgical body contouring treatments are the perfect solution for those who want a slimmer figure and toned shape without having to deal with excessive cost or pain post-surgery. Other than targeting areas like the thighs and abdomen, advanced non-surgical body contouring treatments can also target smaller areas like the jawline and the arms. Cellulite reduction is another popular spa treatment that uses innovative and advanced technology to improve the appearance of cellulite-ridden skin, dimples, and bumps.

Signature Facials

In the past, certain effects of skin aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, and skin damage were considered permanent and irreversible. Thanks to modern advanced skincare technology, these effects need no longer be accepted or tolerated. Rejuvenating facials can help improve all of these visible signs of aging and treat skin conditions such as rosacea, redness, and acne. Spa Rockaway’s IPL Venus Versa photofacial treatment uses the power of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) along with SmartPulseTM technology to improve the visible signs of aging including brown spots, discolorations, lines and wrinkles, sun damage, and spider veins. Not only is this treatment effective, quick, and comfortable, it can also be customized to fit your needs.

Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal can be a stressful and often, painful process. The effects of shaving barely last, hair removal creams are messy, and waxing hurts. Laser hair removal procedures take the inconvenience out of the process, and deliver fast and comfortable treatments with lasting results.

Spa Rockaway’s Holistic Approach

New York State licensed esthetician and owner of Spa Rockaway, Pat Rorke has multiple certifications including Reiki, Facial Reflexology, Face Yoga, and Gua Sha. Her iconic Skin Fitness Program offers a holistic approach to skin rejuvenation and healing which delves deep into the structure of the skin to restore and rebuild from within. From massage therapies, body contouring, and cellulite reduction procedures, to facial services, laser hair removal, and tanning, Spa Rockaway delivers a number of services that combine ancient arts of healing with advanced technology and its myriad miracles.