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Rockaway Park, New York

Spa Rockaway offers a variety of unique massages designed to relax and rejuvenate year around.

Spa Rockaway offers a variety of unique massages designed to relax and rejuvenate year around.

Spas have been known as a place for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation since ancient times. From Roman soldiers and royals to folks with medical conditions, everyone made the journey to warm thermal springs to soak their limbs and make the most of the healing properties of medicinal baths.

In fact, faith in the curative powers of such mineral springs dates back to prehistoric ages. Today, the word ‘spa’ is not just limited to describing warm thermal springs. Massage spas in Rockaway Park, New York are healing destinations that are dedicated to encouraging the overall well-being of a person’s mind, body and spirit.

The serenity and elegance that go hand-in-hand with a good spa experience may make it sound like an indulgent luxury. But the truth is that a spa offers therapeutic treatments such as massages, full-body wraps, body contouring and facials, which are designed to get you closer to the healthiest version of you.

As Spa Rockaway, our spa menu provides a basic grouping of every service that we offer. With more than 250 massage variants, choosing just one might sound daunting, but it need not be. These are a few of our most popular massages. 

Deep Tissue Muscle Relaxation Massage

A deep tissue massage goes beyond the traditional massage. The pressure used by the massage therapist in Rockaway Park, New York is more intense and focused on specific areas. The goal of a deep tissue massage is to ease the chronic knots or tension areas in your body. Aimed at the soft connective tissues that are at a deeper level under the skin, this massage offers a number of benefits from helping to reduce chronic pain and improving blood pressure to breaking up scarified tissue and rehabilitating wounded muscles.

This massage is also great for those who need stress relief. Stress may sound like a common affliction, but it is a multi-faceted one. It goes beyond just being tired. Excessive stress has been directly linked to a number of health conditions such as migraines, chronic pain, high blood pressure, and even serious conditions like cancer.

At Spa Rockaway, the Deep Muscle Meltdown Massage takes the regular deep tissue massage one step further. The infrared massage beds help reduce muscle stiffness and pain while improving the flexibility of ligaments and joints. Infrared heat is perfect for athletes as it improves recovery time so your body bounces back from post-workout stress with minimal downtime. Coupled with the infrared advantage, this massage also includes the use of natural jade stones and a special exclusive blend of essential oils. Together, these elements make for massage that penetrates the deepest layers of muscles, tendons, and fascia which lie 2-3 inches below the skin.

Hot Stone Massage

Ultimate Hot Stone Massage at Spa Rockaway features basalt stones to rejuvenate on a deeper level. 

Ultimate Hot Stone Massage at Spa Rockaway features basalt stones to rejuvenate on a deeper level. 

A hot stone treatment involves the use of smooth and round stones that have been pre-heated in water. Placed at specific layered points on your body, these stones work as an extension of the therapist’s hand. The stones release heat and warm up your muscles which helps your body relax.

As compared to a traditional massage, the Ultimate Hot Stone Massage at Spa Rockaway is designed to be more intensive and relaxing. The hot basalt stones are focused on specific points on the body so your blood circulation improves, muscular stiffness eases, and your muscles relax at a much deeper level.


Reflexology is a healing art that has its roots in ancient China, Egypt, and India. It is actually a healing technique that uses reflexive points on your hands and feet to stimulate the functioning of vital organs inside your body. When coupled with a massage, reflexology boosts your internal health, relaxes your muscles, and increases your energy levels.

Spa Rockaway’s Reflexology treatment is designed to balance the energy in your body so you can arrive at a higher level of harmony and wellness.

Reiki Massages

This type of massage combines the use of the Japanese healing art of Reiki and massages. The technique of Reiki is based on the belief that there is an unseen life force or energy that flows through every one of us. This this the energy that causes us to live and thrive. When your life force energy is low or unbalanced, you are likely to feel under the weather or stressed. A Reiki massage focuses on healing and balancing this life force energy so you feel rejuvenated, happy, and healthy.

Founder of Spa Rockaway, esteemed esthetician Pat Rorke is certified in Reiki. She uses her expertise in Reiki techniques in tandem with the spa’s Reiki Energy Healing Massage and facials. This massage involves lying down on the table while fully clothed so the massage practitioner can use their hands on or above your body to heal your vital energy and restore harmony to your body and mind.

Prenatal Massages

Spa Rockaway massage therapists are trained to help relieve common discomforts experienced by expectant mothers.

Spa Rockaway massage therapists are trained to help relieve common discomforts experienced by expectant mothers.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, prenatal massage therapy is an instrumental ingredient in the care of the expectant mother, which can help reduce anxiety, relieve muscle and joint pain, reduce depression symptoms, and positively affect labor outcomes and the health of the newborn. Not only can regular prenatal massages lead to quicker recovery after delivery, they may also help reduce scarring and the appearance of stretch marks post-delivery.

At Spa Rockaway, massage therapists trained in prenatal massages can help expectant mothers relax, and bid adieu to a number of common discomforts that women experience during pregnancy. From slowing down the process of varicose veins, and easing common issues like constipation, heartburn, and gas to reducing excessive fluid retention and increasing flexibility, these expert prenatal massages offer a host a benefits to pregnant women in their second and third trimesters.

Spa Rockaway Signature Massage

There are times when pre-configured massages do not quite hit the mark, and you just need something designed just for your body and lifestyle. At Spa Rockaway, our expert massage therapists are trained in scores of massage modalities. The Signature Massage is a treatment you help to create. During this treatment you'll consult with your therapist to discuss your specific needs and get a treatment and massage spa experience customized just for you.

Other Services at Spa Rockaway Massage Spa

Spa Rockaway's massage spa menu includes much more than massage therapies. At our one-stop-shop you find all of your rest and relaxation needs, not only can you get the massage treatment you want, but you can also choose from a number of types of facials, body treatments and wraps, tanning solutions, body contouring, laser hair removal, and more.

When it comes to taking care of your body and skin, holistic treatments that address the causes and not just the visible symptoms is essential. Our experienced estheticians in Rockaway Park, New York provide a host of massage and skin treatments including our unique Skin Fitness Program that combines a number of treatment styles to treat all the layers of your skin. Each skin treatment provides visible, long-term and proven results. Our services are non-invasive cosmetic treatments, facial exercises, and utilize natural skincare ingredients that are full of the goodness of nature and only the best natural ingredients.

Let's focus on restoring the balance of your skin, body, and mind together so you look and feel your absolute best, all the time.