EMSCULPT® Benefits: My Personal Experience


Here at Spa Rockaway we are very excited to be the first provider of EMSCULPT® in Queens, and in fact, there are only a few hundred places in the whole country who currently offer this treatment. Today I want to talk through the EMSCULPT® benefits; what this totally non-invasive procedure can offer; and my own personal experience of the treatment.


EMSCULPT® is a surgery-free way to lift and tone and is available for both men and women. It works by reducing fat and building muscle, leading to a more defined abdomen or a butt lift. Later this month we are expanding the procedure to also offer treatment for arms and legs so ultimately, depending on what options you choose, it could be a whole-body experience. While this might seem like a dream come true you can be reassured that it has the backing of 7 independent clinical studies in the USA, which tested for safety and efficacy.

Because the treatment works on electromagnetic fields it’s not suitable for people who have metal implants of any kind, including copper IUDs; women who are pregnant; or anyone who has a medical condition which would be negatively affected by electromagnetism.  If you have any concerns you can always talk this through with your therapist at your initial consultation.

How Does EMSCULPT® Work?

The treatment takes place while you are lying down and works by the direction of electromagnetic energy on the targeted area. Through this process, the muscles contract at a speed and in a way that would not be possible through exercise. As an example, one treatment alone is equivalent to 20,000 squats or crunches.

While it might feel like an intensive workout at the gym, the joy is that all you need to do is to lie back and relax. With no need to change into your gym wear or take a shower afterward, a treatment can be fitted into a lunch hour or even on your way to or home from work.

How Many EMSCULPT® Treatments Do I Need?

For best results, it’s recommended that you book 4 sessions of 30-minute treatments, and these should be spaced out every 2 to 3 days. At your initial treatment, your therapist will work with you to create a tailored plan which takes into account your own specific needs.  After treatment there’s no down-time and you will begin to feel results almost immediately. Over the longer term, positive results are usually experienced 2 to 4 weeks after the final session and then over the next several weeks this continues to improve.

My Personal EMSCULPT® Experience

If you want to find out the lowdown on a treatment, there’s nothing better than hearing from someone who has tried it. As a therapist myself, it’s great to be on the other side of the treatment door experiencing the benefits of EMSCULPT® and I have to say I absolutely love it. In my professional life, I am often in a fixed position for much of the time doing facial treatments. This has led to back pain and over time I have become aware that my posture has deteriorated.

After 4 sessions of EMSCULPT® I can feel that my core has strengthened and my posture is returning to its former look. Having a treatment like this has also made me more motivated to continue eating healthily and to exercise on a regular basis. It’s made me feel stronger and this helps me at work, at the gym and just generally as I go about my life. However, don’t just take my word for it! EMSCULPT® was also featured in Vogue this month when writer Audrey Noble tried the treatment for herself. You can read about her results here.

EMSCULPT®, Queens, NY is Available Now

Does this treatment sound exciting to you? Are you keen to get started? Then head over to our EMSCULPT® treatment page to find out more and to book a consultation. You will also want to take a look at the ‘before and after’ shots on that page as they are super motivating. I hope this has given you an insight into the many EMSCULPT® benefits and with our spa in your neighborhood you are one of the lucky ones who can try EMSCULPT® yourself.