How to Maintain Healthy Skin at Home

Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies yet many of us forget to give it tender love and care. After working 24/7 to protect you from external elements and unpleasant sensations, your facial skin deserves a few dedicated minutes of pampering each day.

Healthy, vibrant and beautiful skin is not a gift bestowed by your DNA. Your daily habits which includes the food you eat as well as your exercise and skincare routine make the winning difference. However, it is important to find a skincare routine that caters to your skin’s specific needs.

While there is a plethora of skin products out there, using harsh cleansers on sensitive skin or ultra-matte toners on dry skin will only create more problems for your skin. Our experienced estheticians in Rockaway Park can help you develop an at home skincare regime that fits your lifestyle and gives you the glow you want.

Let’s break down what an appropriate skin care routine looks like and understand how select ingredients in skincare products can help you maintain healthy skin at home.

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Basic Facial Routine

The primary goal of any facial routine is to balance your skin, improve your complexion, and target any specific skin problems you may have. Many skincare routines can be a time-consuming process, but keep in mind, that any skincare routine worth its salt must include three basic steps – cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Each step in this CTM routine serves a specific purpose. Cleansing is washing the grime or makeup off your face, toning balances the skin, and moisturizing hydrates and softens your skin.

There are a couple of other things to keep in mind. Finding a skincare routine will be of no help, if you do not stick with it. In order for any skincare regimen to work, you need to do it consistently. While you may see visible changes within a few days, you should use the products one or two times a day for at least six weeks to notice a prominent difference. Another important tip to remember is to apply your skincare products in order of their consistency. Start with the thinnest and work your way to the thickest layers – cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer, in that order.

Focus on What Your Skin Needs

Depending on whether your facial skin is oily, sensitive, dry, or a combination of textures, it is essential to focus on your skin’s needs and meet them consistently with each step of your CTM routine.


Washing your face twice a day – in the morning and night – helps get rid of clogged pores, dull skin, and acne. Find the right product to ensure that your skin does not lose its natural healthy oils.

  • Foaming liquid cleansers work best for oily and acne-prone skin as it helps clear sebum from the pores. Oily skin also benefits from deep pore cleansers such as Skin Holistic’s Organic Sea Cleanser that is made of organic Laminaria and Spirulina Algae paste, and is specially formulated for oily and congested skin types.

  • Creamy lotion-based cleansers that contain glycerin, shea butter or other emollients work well for dry and reddened skin. Not only do such cleansers get rid of the impurities clinging to your face, but they also serve to hydrate the skin. Skin Holistic’s Creamy Cleanser w/Organic Lavender is a gentle cleansing milk and eye makeup remover that contains soothing ingredients such as Aloe gel, Arnica, Calendula, and Laminaria Algae.

  • Oil-based cleansers that are non-comedogenic, moisturizing, and lightweight are go-to options of sensitive skin. Choose gentle cleansers if you have sensitive skin or are recuperating from laser treatments. Skin Holistic’s Soothing Marine Wash is a pH balanced seaweed-based foaming gel cleanser that is ideal for sensitive skin conditions of all skin types.

  • A soap-free option to consider is micellar water – this French staple is suitable for pretty much every skin type, and does not need to be rinsed off.


Toners are basically thin liquid supplements that are chockful of nutrients for your skin. Keep an eye on the ingredients in the toner. Alpha and beta hydroxy acids work well to improve the look of skin damaged by sun exposure. Ingredients like rose water and green tea help calm irritated and inflamed skin. Mature skin would benefit from toners containing Vitamin E and C which fight skin-aging free radicals.

Another hero ingredient is hyaluronic acid which hydrates, seals in the dewiness of your skin, and helps ease fine lines. To be used after cleansing and whenever your face requires a boosting lift, Skin Holistic’s Hydrating Marine Mist is formulated with hyaluronic acid that  hydrates your skin, fortifies it with antioxidants, and keeps your skin looking dewy fresh with a dose of vital minerals.


These skin elixirs should be your special addition to your basic skincare CTM routine. Packing a punch of concentrated active ingredients, the right serum can be miraculous. While serums with Vitamin C help reduce dark spots, ingredients like retinol, peptides, and Vitamin B3 prevent fine lines and sagging by boosting the production of elastin and collagen. Colloidal sulfur and niacinamide serums soothe irritated, reddened, and inflamed skin. Hyaluronic acid serums hydrate and strengthen the uppermost layer of your skin. Skin Holistic’s Peptide + Skin Strengthening Serum is formulated with all the power-packed ingredients like peptides, DMAE for visible firming of skin,  niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, silk amino acid, and more – it can be layered or mixed with other serums as needed, as well.

Include night serums in your daily skincare routine to make the most of powerhouse products like Skin Holistic’s 3% Retinol Moist Night Serum for age-renewing skin cell regeneration.


This is one product that is recommended for use through the year, and for all skin types. Choose a gel-based one for oily skin, lotion for normal or combination skin, cream moisturizers for dry skin, and heavier balms for inflamed and sensitive skin. Skin Holistic’s Clear Skin Heal and Hydrate oil-free moisturizer soothes sensitive and problematic skin with ease. You can also replace your daily moisturizer with the Protect and Hydrate SPF 30 Cream which contains fortified antioxidants with protective SPF.

Healthy and Glowing Skin Starts Today

Maintaining healthy skin at home is easy when you have the right products in your skincare arsenal. Our experienced estheticians in Rockaway Park are committed to helping you maintain and balance your skin every day through routine facials that compliment your at home regime. Let us help you come up with a skincare routine that is designed to meet your specific needs. Schedule your visit today!


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