What Type of Massage is Best for Me?

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In the last blog, I explained the many benefits of massage therapy.  Now you might be wondering, "Which type is best for me?"  Well pull up a chair and let me point you in the right direction!

Deep Tissue Massage focuses on releasing chronic muscle strain and tension.  Typically used to treat a specific injury,  the therapist uses slow and deep pressure on the areas of concern.  As the name implies, it addresses the deepest layers of tendons, muscle tissue, and fascia.  It aids in lowering blood pressure and reducing heart rate.  

Sports Massage therapy uses techniques to address strain associated with a specific sport.  It enhances flexibiliy and increases range of motion.  This body-mind massage keeps athletes performing at their peak level by treating the overuse of muscle.  Additionally, sports massage therapy is used both in preparation of an event and to reduce recovery time post event or injury.  

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Prenatal Massage therapy promotes overall well-being of the mother-to-be by relieving many common pregnancy-related discomforts: stiff muscles and joints, headaches, and swelling.  It is an amazing stress reliever since it helps improve sleep patterns and reduces the anxiety and depression sometimes caused by hormonal changes during this time.  And by sweeping away toxins, the body benefits from more pure oxygen since lymphatic fluid is no longer stagnant.

Shiatsu is based on Chinese traditional medicine.  In this medicinal system, it is believed that illness is brought on by the imbalance of qi, or energy, throughout the body.  Finger pressure is used, as well as light palm pressure.  This  massage seeks to calm the central nervous system.  It also improves circulation and alleviates stress and pain assoicated with stiff muscles. 

Hot Stones are used as an extension of the hands to improve circulatory flow, promote deeper muscle relaxation, and ease stiffness.  The heat of the stone warms the muscle fiber, and by kneading it into the skin the therapist is able to work the muscle on a deeper level.

These are just a few of the many massage services we offer here at Spa Rockaway.  Our full range of services can be viewed here.  Give us a ring at 718-318-8840 to book your next appointment.  We are open 7 days a week and look forward to serving you!