Treating Teen Acne


One of the most common skin concerns I come across as a Licensed Esthetician is teen acne.  At Spa Rockaway, we receive many inquiries from parents on the peninsula who are concerned about treating their teens' acne.  No matter what they try at home, their son's or daughter's acne persists or worse-- strengthens.  Well please take a quick moment to read my new blog on how we treat and aim to prevent teen acne.

Adolescent years are marked with a lot of new-ness: new school, new responsibilities, new extracurricular activities, and most importantly within the context of today's topic: new changes going on within the body.  

What Causes Acne

As we all know, puberty is marked by a multitude of hormonal changes.  Androgen, a type of hormone, increases during adolescence-- causing our sebaceous glands to enlarge and produce excess sebum (an oily substance that moisturizes our skin and scalp) to build up in our pores. This creates an environment where bacteria can thrive, and when the pores become infected with bacteria, inflammation results.  For young girls, the onset of menstruation also effects the hormonal balance and attribute to acne breakouts as well. 

Why Teens Should Get Facials

For those teens who are really having trouble with acne, we strongly encourage them to come in to the Spa for a facial.  The professional, quality products we use here at Spa Rockaway simply are not available over the counter.  We can also give a much deeper cleanse than you can ever give yourself at home.  After gently and safely steaming the skin to open up pores, we're able to exfoliate and treat the blackheads and clogged pores caused by the excess oil.  Having a skincare professional perform extractions is always the better alternative to having a teen try to pop their pimples at home.  This often aggravates the condition even more-- since there is increased potential for more bacteria to invade the pore-- and worse, can lead to scarring.

Another benefit of bringing your teen in for a facial is that we will advise them on what to do at home in order to keep the acne under control.  This includes tips on what types of products to use, dietary suggestions, and lifestyle tips.  Teaching kids the ABC's of skincare at a young age gives them confidence and establishes a routine for proper skincare maintenance they can carry with them into adulthood.

It's also nice for kids to take a break from the smartphones, computers, and homework for a short while and to just let their mind relax.  The hot towels, soothing music, and relaxed atmosphere offers a nice respite...for all ages!

Types of Treatments

Spa Rockaway offers treatments specifically targeted to treat your teen's skin.  This includes deep cleansing and extractions as mentioned, but also a gentle moisturizer that will not clog pores further.  Because some teens need multiple visits to keep their acne under control, the cost is more affordable than our Customized Facial for adults.  For teens who have lots of inflammation, we also recommend Blue Light LED as an Add-On.  This treatment, based on NASA technology, is very therapeutic.  

Another option to consider is a Bacial, or Back Facial, for teens with aggressive back acne.  This service is great because the esthetician is able to spend the entire appointment treating the back area.   

Spa Rockaway is open 7 Days a week in order to fill your skincare needs.  Please feel free to give us a ring t 718-318-8840 with any questions or to book an appointment.  We look forward to seeing you!

Lots of Love,

Pat Rorke