My Skin Buddy: My New Favorite At-Home Facial Device!

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Hi folks!

Now as you know, I only promote products and treatments which I truly believe in.  Being a licensed esthetician, I have tested numerous creams, serums, and tried all sorts of different types of facials.  Some are very beneficial, others are nothing to write home about.  Well today I'd like to share with you an amazing at-home device that has really amazed me.  My Skin Buddy is small-- lightweight and handheld, and charges just like an iPhone-- but it really packs a punch!  Even my daughters--who jokingly tease me about all the things I've tried--are impressed!

Believe it or not, this user-friendly device actually features many of the technologies we incorporate in our facials here at Spa Rockaway.  So please take a minute to pull up a chair and read how My Skin Buddy will maintain your skin in between your monthly facial appointments.

My Skin Buddy features 4 proven technologies:

1.  Ion Therapy

A positive ion charge pushes dirt out of pores while a negative charge pushes the product in.

This little tool is great complement to our clients who get our Customized Organic Facials and Microdermsbecause it is a non-aggressive method of removing debris without stripping your skin of its natural oils.

2.  LED Light Therapy

After you apply serum or moisturizer, choose between 3 LED lights that best fits your skin:  Red (promotes collagen renewal and reduces fine lines and wrinkles), Blue (kills p.acne bacteria and reduces inflammation caused by acne), or Green (reduces the appearance of hyper-pigmentation by evening out skin tone).  Sound familiar?  You bet!  We've been promoting the benefits of this technology for years with our Red and Blue light facials.    

3.  Ultrasonic Vibration

Therapeutic low-frequency waves (8,000 pulses per minute) deeply penetrate the skin's layers to break up dirt and dead skin.  This allows for more oxygen to reach your skin cells while providing a lifting effect.  My clients who get our Skin Fitness Signature Facial, which is a combination of our Microcurrent and Oxygen Facials, can attest to the hydrating and lifting effects we are able to achieve with these treatments.  

4.  Thermal Heat Therapy

This setting improves blood circulation which helps to tighten skin while reducing pore size.  One of my favorite facials to give is the Fire & Ice, which we recommend for clients who need resurfacing and accelerated cellular renewal.  This is achieved through the combination of a warm peel, followed by a cooling mask and LED light-- which when combined increase circulation.

My Skin Buddy normally costs $249, but we are offering a 10% discount until the end of the month.  This device will not be able to achieve everything we can in a full hour facial-- but when incorporated into your at-home routine, it will certainly help maintain the skin strengthening and the deep cleansing our facials provide.

Please stop by the Spa or give us a ring at 718-318-8840 to purchase My Skin Buddy and to book your next facial with us!

Lots of Love.

Pat Rorke

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