Massage for Self-Care


Too often I hear from my clients that they would love to come for a massage more often, but they “don’t have time,” or they “put everyone else first and don’t take care of themselves as much as they should.”  I have two responses to this.

1.  Make time!

If you have time to sit on the computer or couch and veg out, then you have time to set aside an hour a month, or every two weeks, or even once a week to take care of your body.  I don’t think that along with all of the scientifically proven health benefits of massage, anyone would argue that they don’t just simply feel better after a treatment.  We all like to feel good don’t we?  Then make the time to do it!!!

I often encourage my clients to book their next appointment after their treatment as they leave the Spa.  This guarantees that they have set a date and time for their next gift to themselves.

Another way to ensure you get your massages in is to buy a package.  Besides the discount it offers, you will be sure to cash in on your prepaid appointments and not let them slip away.


2.  Put yourself first! (At least just for an hour.)  

It’s wonderful to put your loved ones first in your life.  I have two young children, I know the importance of making sure everyone is happy and healthy.  But your family will not be happy if YOU are not happy!  So, please take care of yourself.  Take the time to relax, reduce stress and get your happy hormones flowing so you can go home to your family and share the love.

Jamie Pisani, Licensed Massage Therapist   

Jamie Pisani has been practicing massage for 15 years.  She is available for bookings on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  Click here to book your next massage with Jamie!